TenantPlus Portal
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Payment Information
Rent Payments
You may only pay your rent online if you have registered to do so with your leasing agent. Please speak to your leasing
agent about paying your rent online.

**Please note: By the end of January of 2023, we will have an interactive and full service TenantPlus Portal. By
registering for the TenantPlus Portal, you will be able to log in to your account to see your payment history, your lease,
your application, make payments, send and receive ultra-secure messages to us and more. You will also be able to
send service calls through the TenantPlus Portal. While we don't have a set date on when our TenantPlus Portal will be
up and running, we anticipate that it will be launched on
January 2nd, 2023.
Utility Payments
Utility payments, if applicable, are separate from your rent. Utility payments must be sent to our Maintenance Department.
Please speak to your leasing agent about Online Utility Payments.
All Other Payments
To make other payments online, you will need to speak to the employee that was assigned to you. If you need further
assistance, please email our Finance Department at admin@UtopiaDev.com.
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