Utopia Development Application Disclosures and Agreement

1. General Disclosure
By submitting your application, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. You also agree that the information provided to Utopia Development is true and complete to the best of your knowledge. Any willful omission made in this application will result in an immediate denial of your application and you will not be eligible to reapply to rent property from Utopia Development for twenty-four (24) calendar months. You further understand that this is just an application and that this is not a lease or agreement in any way, shape or form to rent property from Utopia Development.

2. Application Process
Your application will begin the processing procedure with-in 24 hours after your completed application has been received, with the exception of weekends and major holidays. Once your application begins the processing procedure, a leasing agent will contact you to verify the information in your application and inform you of the application process. The typical processing time for processing an application is four business days. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, processing applications can take up to 30 days. Any applicant that has an application that is still processing 31 days after the submission date are eligible for a full refund their application fee and may withdraw their application at their own discretion.

Utopia Development may deny or terminate applications in its sole discretion with or without notice to the applicant. By submitting this application, you release Utopia Development from any liability resulting in your denial of services or the termination of your application.

3. Consumer Reporting
Utopia Development may conduct a background check in consideration of applications. The consumer reporting agency we use plays no direct part in the decisions of Utopia Development and the decisions Utopia Development makes are based on information contained in your application and in the consumer report that Utopia Development obtains. If a consumer report is obtained for consideration of an application, the applicant is entitled to a copy of their consumer report from Experian and/or RentPrep. We utilize the following agencies to obtain consumer reports:

Experian Connect
(888) 397-3742

4534 Clinton St.
Suite 2
West Seneca, NY 14224

Applicants authorize Utopia Development to obtain consumer reporting information on all persons over the age of eighteen (18) and to verify the information provided to assist in consideration of their applications.

4. Co-Applicants/Guarantor
Applicants may add a Co-Applicant, also known as a guarantor, to their application. Guarantors must be over the age of 18 at the time of the application and must provide proper government issued identification and must not be an immediate family member of the primary applicant. Any Guarantor added to an application may affect the overall status of your application. You must obtain the permission of the co-applicant prior to adding them to you application.

Immediate family members (grandparents, parents, children and siblings) are not considered Co-applicants. We do ask that you let your leasing agent know if you plan on having an immediate family member residing in the unit with you, even after you move in. However, we WILL NOT and CAN NOT legally deny an application or file eviction proceedings against a tenant due to an immediate family member residing with them.

5. Application Fees
Unless waived by an employee of Utopia Development, all applicants are subject to a $20 application fee per application before their application begins processing. Application fees are not refundable, even if an application is denied. Application fees are due immediately upon submitting your application to Utopia Development. Unless waived, your application will not be processed until the application fee has been received. Application fees are separate from security deposits and rent payments and will not be applied to that amount if you are approved to move into one of our units. Utopia Development charges application fees to recover a portion of the charges relating to verifying identities, employment or income statuses, contacting previous landlords, verifying references and the costs of conducting a background check. You may use the following methods of payment to pay your application fee:

, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover (Via PayPal)
Cash/Check/Money Order (in person at one of our offices only)

Application fees paid by credit or debit card are processed via PayPal. When submitting your payment information via this site, it will be processed through their encrypted system. Your card data will not be transmitted to us. However, your name, address and email address will be submitted to us and will be used to verify that your application fee has been paid. In the event that you are using someone else's account information to pay your application fee, we ask that you indicate that in the "Additional Information" section of your application.

6. Applicant Data Collection for Other Property Managers & Landlords
Utopia Development may collect applicant data for Landlords and Property Management Companies that are not directly partnered with or owned by Utopia Development. Once an applicant submits a completed application for a property managed by another entity, we will forward the submitted data to a representative of the property that you are applying to rent. Utopia Development is not responsible for the practices of other landlords and Project Management companies.

7. Privacy Policy
Utopia Development collects personal information about prospective tenants via this website. Your leasing agent may also request or obtain additional information as well. Utopia Development will only use this information to process your application, in accordance with Utopia Development's Privacy Policy and/or as required by law. Utopia Development will never share, trade, sell, or give your personal information to anyone without your written consent except for in accordance with this policy.

8. Personal Information via SSL Encryption
When you submit your application, it may be transmitted to Utopia Development via Secure Socket Layer encryption. To simplify the meaning of this and make it easier to understand, when you transmit any data to Utopia Development via this website, it may be converted into a unique code that, in the event of a hack or data interception, is extremely difficult for even the most advanced guru to convert into a code that they will be able to understand. This is a way that Utopia Development ensures that your information is protected when communicating with Utopia Development via this website.

9. Release of Liability
By submitting your application, you release Utopia Development (and/or any entity performing services for Utopia Development) from any liability for damages arising from performing the services solely for the consideration of your application.

10. Equal Housing Opportunity
Utopia Development complies with Federal and State Housing Laws to the fullest extent. All properties managed and owned by Utopia Development are available on an Equal Opportunity Basis.  This means Utopia Development will not deny/terminate any application or treat tenants any differently due to religion, gender, color, disability, ethnic background, or sexual orientation or any other classification status protected by Federal, State or local law. In the event that your rights have been violated by one of our employees pertaining to this policy, we ask that you contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation.

11. Application Status, Questions or Concerns
You may inquire about the status of your application or voice questions and/or concerns by contacting your leasing agent or by using one of the following methods:

Phone - (716) 249-0872
Email - admin@UtopiaDev.com
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